Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Frum Boni Maroni and the Hot(m)BCs mom

She wantz to desqwalifi hurself frum the kontest becuz she is a professhunul artist but we want to post her beyootiful entree espeshullee becuz she is donayting a $50. gift sirtifikat for a peece of her handmayd joolree !!!

Frum Daisy, Jasper, Finnegan and Buddy's mom

A prittee qwilt skwair

Frum Jack's purrsun

detail 1
detail 2

Frum Skeezix ladee

We still cant undurstand whut the problim is wif sining into the kontest paj...oh well, my ladee is happee to post any entreez for enywon havin trubul.

Ofishullee the kontest is endid, but becuz of the log in problums if ennywon still has an entree pleez send it to us and we will inclood it. Dedline extendid til 12/20. Thankew to evrywon woo participaytid. And a BIG thankew to Robyn for the prize she is donayting!!! We will also inclood wun of my ladee's wintur deesine coffee mugs frum owr Zazzle shop.

The judjing is gunna be reel diffekult!

Monday, December 18, 2006

frum Cocoa's mom

Frum Luxor's Mom

We just dont noe why....

My ladee is frustaitid that evrywon seems to be having toubul synin in to post thair entrees. Badbloggrt Bad! But send what you'd like to post to me and I will make sure it gets smallerL
We now hafa vuree fine prize to offur! For the winner a gift certificate worth $50 for jewlery at The Mom of the Hot)m)BCs website: http://www.crystalsandjewelry.com/index.html Handmade Crystals and Gemestones

She maykis vuree pritee things.

Dedline for kontest submissions is MIDNIGHT tonite, Dec 18th.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Jake and Bathsheba

Sorry I took so long to git theez postid fur J & B. Seemz bloggur beta is bein vary purrsnikittee an peepul arr havin trubul signin in. If yoo do yoo kin emale yoor entree too thaeloblueATgmailDOTcom.

Here are J&B's mom's gorjus drawings

Thursday, December 7, 2006

From Junior's Meowmy

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Latte Fabrege

The Chip Man tells me I'm as delicate as a Fabrege Egg. I'm NOT that amused.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Yoo-Kin-Be-an-Artist-Too Kontest

We like to haf fun heer in the NW hills of Konettikut. We like to smyel an laf. We like to ixpress owrsefs creeatiflee. We think evrywum needs a creeatif owtlet. It duznt mattur if yoo think yoo haf no talint or cant draw a strate line, we all like to mayk things. This yer chansz to let yer innur artist bloom.

The Roolz:

1. This kontest is for yer beans but if enny kittees want to pawtisipate they are welcom too. If yer bean is shy abowt showin thair artwerk they cood just say yoo did it. But evryone is invitid to joyn the fun.

2. So for the beans -- mayk an artistek impreshun of yer kittee(s). Yoo can draw, paint, do a skulpchur, sew a bannur or a wallhangeng or a pilloe, yoo can mayk a collage with pitchurs frum a magazeen or uthur goodees. Yoos yer imajinashun!! Do a makaronee skulpchur or dekorate a littul qwuilt. Think of the nice Chrismus presints they will mayk (espeshullee if yoo hide it frum yer kittee)

3. No photographs alowd unless yoo do sumthin creeatif to them like my ladee duz to photos wif Photoshop. But the finul werk of art shood not look like it just kaym rite owta yer kamura. (see ixcepshun in #4 rool.)
[edit: I deecydid that videeos will be alowd cuz they arr a "valed art form", at leest that whut my ladee tol me, but they has to be abowt yoo in a creeatif way]

4.If yoo do a drawin or othur flat peece of art but yoo dont haf a scannur, yoo wil be alowd to fotograph yer creayshun and entur that foto. Obveeuslee if yoo makd sumthin 3-deemenshunal yoo will HAF to tayk a pitchur to post it.

5. Yoo will be postin yer artwerk in a speshul blog (like Skeezix dus wif his kontests).
The passwerd and login name can be fownd on my main blog paj.

6. The catagorees will be: Funniest, Messiest, Orijinul, an Most Creeatif/Best in Sho. We will come up wif sum prize for the Best in Sho. Runnurs up will git a littul grafik to post on thair blog.

7. The most emportent rool is....HAVE FUN!!

8. Entree dedline is Decembur 18th. Winnur will be anownsed on Decembur 23rd.

9. The deecishun of the judj will be finul. The jugj will be an indeependint art konsultint, namlee my foodladee. (She will be faree fair an she promissis not to laff)

10. Be as creeatif as yoo want but haf fun!